21 March, 2016: We welcome Joynul Abedin, our new PhD student (jointly supervised with Prof. Huanting Wang from Chemical Engineering)

14 March, 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Dhanraj Shinde for his publication on micro-reactors for synthesis of high quality graphene from graphite. The article was accepted for publication in Langmuir and is a collaboration between several research groups of Monash.

9 March, 2016: We welcome Sally El Meragawi, our new PhD student, (jointly supervised with Dr. Akshat Tanksale from Chemical Engineering).

16 January, 2016: Congratulations to Derrek Lobo for completing his PhD! Our laboratory will always be indebted to Derrek for being the first student who established virtually everything in the group. Thanks Derrek!

30 December, 2015: Congratulations to Mr. Abozar Akbari for his outstanding wotk on graphene membranes. The article was accepted for publication in Nature Communications. You can read about the press release and media coverage.

15 November, 2015: A/Prof. Mainak Majumder and his team in Monash’s Nano Scale Science and Engineering Laboratory were highlighted for their long term research collaboration with a publicly owned mining company, Strategic Energy Resources. Together, the team had successfully produced outcomes relevant to Industry through two ARC Linkage Projects grants since 2011. More significantly, this partnership has resulted in a new spin off to form a pilot plant facility for graphene production, Ionic Industries Ltd. Ionic is the first company in Australia that is focused on the commercialisation of graphene technologies. They are developing graphene-based applications in energy storage, nano filtration and water treatment. Page 32 of the Annual Report

2 November, 2015: Mr. Samuel Martin, co-supervised by A/Prof. Mainak Majumder and A/Prof. Adrian Neild was awarded one of the Department of Education and Training’s 2016 Endeavour Fellowships. Sam graduated from Monash University with a Science / Engineering double degree specialising in mechatronics, theoretical physics and mathematics. His PhD project currently looks at the nanofluidic behaviour of carbon systems with a goal to develop biosensors. Sam will visit Prof. Lyderic Bocquet‘s Laboratoire de Physique Statisque at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France to study nano-scale fluidic transport phenomena in 2D materials.

26 June, 2015: Congratulations to Derrek Lobo and Dr. Parama for their outstanding work on micro-supercapacitors! The article is accepted for publication in Advanced Energy Materials (one of the highest ranked journals in the area of energy science. News of the article in the AustralianMonash News and Australian Business Review.

27 -25 April, 2015: Dr. Majumder was invited to deliver a lecture at the Theo Murphy scinetific meeting on Nanostructured carbon membranes: advancing the science, engineering and design organized by the Royal Society in Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK. An invitation-only meeting with leading researchers from Europe, Asia, America and Australia focused on the recent developments in transport features of carbon-based membranes.

8 -13 February, 2015: Dr. Majumder was invited to attend the membrane meeting in Sicily. Talk of our team’s work on graphene-based membranes very well received.

2 February, 2015: Dr. Majumder was invited to attend the International Workshop in Jinan, Shandong Province, China.

15 January, 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Parama for her exciting new article in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!

8 August, 2014: Rachel’s discovery of liquid crystalline droplets of graphene in news! Monash University,Science DailyElectronic News.

3 July, 2014: NSEL researchers and collaborators with Strategic Energy Resources (and their wholly owned subsidiary – Graphitech) wins the second ARC Linkage Grant. The grant will enable us to develop greener methods to produce graphene from indigenous natural graphite and also develop manufacturing capabilities for graphene-based nanofiltration membranes.

5 May, 2014: Rachel publishes her discovery of nematic droplets of graphene oxide in Chemical Communications. Congratulations!

25 March, 2014: Dr. Dhanraj Shinde publishes an article in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) demonstrating a unique high-throughput hydrothermal route for longitudinal unzipping of carbon nanotubes to form graphene nanoribbons. Congratulations!

15 Dec, 2013: Dr. Dhanraj Shinde joins our research group after completing his PhD on electrochemical fabrication of graphene nanoribbons with Dr. Vijayamohanan Pillai at the National Chemical Laboratories, Pune.

10-12 Dec, 2013: Dr. Parama Banerjee Chakraborty, Derrek Lobo and Morteza Miansarigavzan deliver lectures at the SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices conference in Melbourne.

8 Dec, 2013: Congratulations to Rachel for having her article on highly ordered graphene films and their characterization accepted in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

2 Dec 2013: Our research on anti-corrosion properties of graphene highlighted in 2012-13 ARC Annual Review.

16-21 Nov 2013: Derrek Lobo and Phillip Sheath present their research at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in San Francisco.

4 Oct 2013: Mr. Abozar Akbari, a polymer material technologist with MSc from Universiti Technologi Malayasi joins our research team for PhD studies on carbon-based membranes.

4 April, 2013: Ms. Mahdokht  Emadi Shaibani joins our research group to study electrochemical properties of MOF nanocomposites (in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Hill from CSIRO) after completing her masters degree from Shiraz University.

6 March, 2013: Dr. Majumder and Dr. Corry to chair a session on “Carbon Based Nanostructured Membranes” at the AIChE Meeting in San Francisco, November 3-8, 2013

4 January, 2013: Our research (collaboration with Matthew Hill, CSIRO) on water-stable MOFs and its molecular sieving properties highlighted in Science magazine. A great example of team-work between CSIRO and Monash University researchers.

18 December, 2012: Phillip Sheath successfully transfers to the PhD program enduring several challenges on the path. Congratulations and best of luck!

4 December, 2012: Dr. Majumder to deliver an invited lecture at the Congress of the 20th Australian Institute of Physics at Sydney (9-13 December, 2012) entitled “Unusual Fluid Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes”.

3 October, 2012: Scholarships for PhD studies are available for 3.5 years through the ‘New Horizons Research Scholarship Program‘ on the topic – “Metal Organic Framework – Derived Carbpns”. If you are interested please send your applicant ID number, along with a short summary stating what project you wish to apply for and why (200 words maximum), to Kiara RobertsCandidate selected for this position!

21 September, 2012: Derrek Lobo’s article on patterning of graphene-oxide accepted for publication in Langmuir. Congrats Derrek!

17 September, 2012: Morteza sucessfully confirms his PhD candidature. Best of luck!

05 September, 2012: Dr. Majumder accepted into the 2012 cohort of Monash Researcher Accelerator Program. This cohort includes ~ 63 young researchers across the university (and 8 from Engineering) who have been identified as future academic leaders of Monash.

02 September, 2012: NSEL researchers in collaboration with Prof. P.M. Ajayan’s group at Rice University lead a Monash University research effort on identifying novel corrosion resistant films and publishes one of the earliest reports on the electrochemical resilience of atomically thin films of Graphene in the journalCarbon.  Congratulations to the team members!

15 May, 2012: Our article on harnessing Marangoni-flow for overcoming the coffee-stain phenomenon for depositing nanoparticle films published in J.Phys.Chem.B. This is a collaborative research effort with Prof.Matteo Pasquali’s group at Rice University.

26 June, 2012: Dr. Mainak Majumder delivers an invited lecture at the prestigeous NT-12 conference in Brisbane entitled “Expanding the Application Space of Graphene-Based Materials

01 June, 2012: Dr. Benjamin Wilhite (Texas A&M) and Dr. Mainak Majumder are co-chairing the session on Ceramics for Gas Separations and Membrane Reactors to be held at the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE meeting at Pittsburg, USA), October 28 – November 2, 2012

01 June, 2012: Congratulations to Rachel Tkacz for sucessfully confirming her PhD candidature. Best of luck!

12 March, 2012: Dr. Stephen Hawkins (CSIRO) and Dr. Mainak Majumder are co-convening the Symposia  on Metrology in NT-12 (Nanotube 12) to be held in Brisbane. Leaders in atomic level characterisation, fluid/ion transport, nano-scale mechanical properties, heat transport, acoustic radiation, handling and characterisation of atomic thin films will speak at the symposium.

6 March, 2012: Our article on ‘super-sand’ is the most read article in 2011 from ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

20 February, 2012: Parama Banerjee-Chakraborty (soon to be Dr.!) joins NSEL to develop electrochemical characterization tools for graphene-based super-capacitors.

20 February, 2012: Abhishek Tiwari (co-supervisor: Prof. Raman Singh) joins our group to develop novel methods for synthesizing CVD graphene with the aim of developing corrosion resistant properties.

15 December, 2011: Senior Researcher, Dr Sivakumar Balakrishnan, joins our research group and brings in his materials chemistry skills to NSEL.

14 December, 2011: Dr Majumder of Monash University and Nida Hussain of Carleton University presents research at the Ottawa Chapter of the Society of International Development on super-sands on the issue Global Development: Water and the Gathering Storm.

24 November, 2011: Prof. Andrea Schafer from the University of Edinburgh visits our laboratory for furthering collaborations.

17 November, 2011: Mr. Mark Muzzin – Managing Director and Mr. Peter Armitage – Director of Strategic Energy Resoruces visits our laboratories to kick-start the ARC Linkage project on utilization of waste graphitic fines for production of graphene-based energy storage and conversion materials.

18-21 September, 2011: Phillip Sheath and Derrek Lobo present their research at CHEMECA-11 held at Sydney.

9 August, 2011: The Age, a popular newspaper in Victoria, publishes an article on super-sand entitled: “Bridge over troubled water“.

July, 2011: Our research on ‘super-sand’ has attracted enormous attention in popular press: BBC News,Science DailyCOSMOSACS Press pac. This new material has also been highlighted in filtration industry:SterlitechFiltration and Separation.

24 July, 2011: Rachel Tkacz attends the  Carbon Materials for Energy Storage and Generation Workshopat Shanghai, China to learn about electrochemical super-capacitors.

12 July, 2011: Dr. Majumder delivers an invited lecture in PACRIM-9 at Cairns entitled: Functional Materials from Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

20 June, 2011: Morteza Miansari joins our research group after completing a masters degree from Mazandaran University of Technology Mazandaran-Iran with a scholarship from government of Iran.