Prof. Mainak Majumder hosted Prof. Rudolf Oldenbourg, the inventor of Polarized light microscopy from Marine Biological Laboratory, Woodhole, Massachusetts, USA. His research is inspired by advanced optical methods to study the architectural dynamics in living cells. Prof. Rudolf Oldenbourg and his team are interested in developing a new type of polarized light microscope, the LC-PolScope, to directly visualise and study the molecular order of living cells with unprecedented sensitivity, resolution, and speed.

Standing left to right:A/Prof. Ian Harper (Monash Micro Imaging), Prof. Rudolf Oldenbourg and Prof. Mainak Majumder (NSEL)

A seminar focused on Polarized microscopy was held by Rudolf Oldenbourg on 26th Feb 2019 at Monash University. Prof. Rudolf Oldenbourg together with NSEL (Prof. Mainak Majumder) and Monash Micro Imaging (A/Prof. Ian Harper) organized a hands-on workshop on Advanced Polarized Light Microscopy for Mapping Molecular Orientation on 27th Feb 2019. Prof. Rudolf Oldenbourg shared his knowledge and expertise on the applications and potentials of the Advanced Polarized Light Microscopy in biology, materials science and physics with research students and staff at Monash University.

Prof. Oldenbourg and his wife was invited for a dinner with Prof. Mainak Majumder and NSEL group members.