Standing left to right: Dr Behrooz Bahrani ,Dr Mahdokht Shaibani and Prof. Mainak Majumder

With great pleasure, we announce the receiving of funding under the federal government’s Automotive Engineering Graduate Program which has generated fully-funded opportunities for 8 students who are keen on pursuing Masters by Research program at Monash University in new powertrain systems for electric vehicles. Electrical vehicles currently rely on Lithium-Ion batteries, yet Lithium-Sulfur batteries have the potential to be a cheaper and far more fuel-efficient alternative. Monash researchers Professor Mainak Majumdar and Dr Mahdokht Shaibani have already developed Building of the novel design of Lithium-Sulfur battery. Two students will have the opportunity to work with Professor Majumdar, Dr Shaibani and Dr Behrooz Bahrani on further developing the battery for use in EVs, and work collaboratively with a further two students on a battery management system. Working with Dr Bahrani, Regal Beloit’s Dr Heins and Dr Reza Razzaghi, two more students will investigate the design of an integrated smart motor and inverter, while in collaboration with Bosch and led by Professor Tom Drummond, a further two students will work on autonomous drive-assist systems for overall increased powertrain efficiency.

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