MEC 4425 Micro/Nano Solid and Fluid Mechanics (with Dr. Tuncay Alan):

MEC 4425 is an introductory course covering the fundamentals of the science associated with the rapidly emerging field of micro/nano-technology with an emphasis on micro-/nano-fluidics and micro-/nano-electromechanical systems. In this unit, students will be exposed to advanced cutting-edge technologies that are at the core of the design of next-generation energy systems (e.g. fuel cells, jet propulsion, etc), biomedical devices (e.g. drug screening, point-of-care diagnostics, etc.) and electronics (semiconductors, processors, etc.).
The main objectives of this unit are to

  1. Expose the students to the emerging fields of micro and nano technology,
  2. Instill a thorough understanding of the physical behaviour of solids and fluids at the micron and nanometer length scales,
  3. Familiarize the students with micro/nano-electro-mechanical-systems and micro/nano-fluidic devices and state of the art fabrication techniques.
  4. Provide an appreciation of the various fluid transport mechanisms in micro/nano channels or devices and physical interaction mechanisms in solids at the micro/nano scale.

MEC 3454 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer:

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer is a 6 credit point unit. The unit is designed to provide an integrated approach to the principles of thermodynamics and heat transfer. The unifying theme is the application of these principles to systems involving energy conversion, storage and transfer.